Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Early Season Tease is Gone!

The new Cup schedule is out, and the good news is that we won't see that frustrating break between the second and third races next season. The break has always left me feeling like I'm saying, "Alright, new season, let's go r...(dee dee dum dee dum dum)...acing!"
That feeling will be no more next season, as NASCAR has decided to run the first five races consecutively.
There will be a break for Easter, which we expect, and then another break three weeks later, which the teams and drivers deserve.
Chicago will be a night race, and that we like. It will be interesting to see the difference it makes, not only in attendence at that venue, but, because the drivers race differently at night--better--it could actually be a little thing that makes a big difference in the standings.
My question is, will WoO, USAC, and the other dirt track racing series still be able to call their cars "Sprint" cars, or will NASCAR impose a trademark on the name?


Cheyenne said...

I believe they took that break away between the 2nd and 3rd races to save for later in the season in case there is a rainout to prevent them from having to run a race on a Tuesday like earlier this year. I never understood that break either. Very frustrating.
Glad I "found" you again. You left for awhile and just the other day I tried getting on your blog and was redirected. But I read why. You have been earmarked again for my daily reading.

Racefan57 said...

Yes.. I wonder too about the "sprint" cars. But it would be a far cry for NASCAR to try that.

RevJim said...

I wondered why I wasn't getting any traffic. When I've found other sites that have the blogmad widget, I have tried to notify them about the problem.
racefan57--remember NASCAR, or ISC tried to interfere with USAC before, with the "Speedway" Silver Crown CoT.